Google Shopping Feed Management

Why Sell Your Products Through Google Shopping?

The majority of the world population will use Google today. Retailers and brands choose to advertise on Google Shopping before any other platform when selling products online. There is a good reason for that: on average, businesses make $2 for every $1 spent on Google Shopping Ads.

  • Google Shopping ads now drive over 75% of retail search ad spend and over 85% of all clicks
  • 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day
  • In the US, during any 48 hour period, over 80% of Americans are shopping online
  • Shopping Ads his first position priority in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) more often than not. These shopping clicks can also often cost far less than paid search from a PPC perspective. The CPA for Shopping ads averages over $7.00 per action cheaper than Paid Search Ads.
  • Clicks through Shopping which abandon on your site are ripe for remarketing campaigns when/where customers convert later
  • With Google Shopping, and Google Shopping Actions, you gain customer information unlike with Amazon. This enables you to increase customer life time value (CLTV) through database, display, email, social and remarketing efforts.
  • The average click-through-rate (CTR) for Google Shopping is 0.86% with a range from 0.55% to 1.2% by industry category with an average CPC of $0.66.
  • The industry average conversion rate is 1.91% ranging from $.83 for chemical/industrial to above 3.3% for hvac/climate control.
  • The industry average CPA is $38.07 ranging from $7.08 for hvac/climate control to over $91.00 per action for chemical/industrial. The auto category for instance is $36.34.

What Differentiates Google Shopping from Other Online Marketplaces?

Google is the leader in digital ad spend with around 36%, compared to Amazon’s 9%.

Google has a whopping 88% market share for online searches, compared to their closest rival Bing (6%).

The volume of Google searches grows by roughly 10% every year.

Get your products seen on a wide range of Google products, including Google Assistant and YouTube.

Common Optimization Issues When Listing & Selling on Google Shopping


Managing a large inventory of products, optimizing, monitoring, and actioning the results.


Ensuring orders are updated and synced to your online store (Google Shopping Actions).

Data Management

We import and syncronize data from any eCommerce platform including Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.

Exporting Data

Easily send your product data to Google Merchant Center.

The MARTEC360 Search, Shopping & PLA Solution

Digital agencies and brands can substantially reduce their operational overhead while significantly improving performance, simply by having MARTEC360 enhance your product data, manage your feeds,  and optimize your Google Shopping listings.

Boost Your Google Shopping Sales

MARTEC360’s powerful platform is packed with functions to ensure your product listings are optimized.
Our full service offering includes a dedicated team of specialists optimizing your feeds and campaign.


Our dedicated team of professionals will optimize your listings using our best practices.


Ensuring your products are placed in the right category is a crucial part of feed optimization.

Custom Labels

We can use performance, content scoring, margin data on a per SKU basis to create powerful bid segments.

Dynamic Data

Your data will stay up to date and optimized with any changes you make on your end.


Import, export, optimize, and much more without touching a single thing.

Joining Data

Join any data from any source. Normalize everything with ease.

Google Merchant Center Alerts

Unresolved Google Merchant Center (GMC) errors and disapprovals can result in thousands of dollars of lost revenue per day.


Error checks occur for each product update publication daily.


Our pro services team receives email alerts with detailed error stats.


We can monitor for further data errors per your thresholds.


Our team resolves feed errors for you.

A/B & Multi-Variant Split Testing

Have you ever been wondered if you’re better off putting brand first, or at the end of a product title?
What about brand + UPC or MPN? Which image should you feature?

Split Tests

Titles – Find out which titles are performing better. For example, adding the brand name at the beginning versus the end of the title.

Images – Test different images to see which ones perform better.

Promotional wording – Test what wording entices more clicks on your ad. Example “Summer Sale” or “20% off Sale.”

Actionable Data

Split testing provides insights to help improve your campaign’s performance. Our mar-tech stack coupled with CommerceBI helps advertisers gain insights from real world search data.


Our team resolves feed errors for you.


Both ShoppingBI and CommerceBI allows you to see the actual phrases people are entering into Google search to find your products. Similarly, it allows merchants to see NET campaign performance at the product SKU inclusive of promotions, returns, cancellations and other fees. We use this actionable data to improve your campaign’s performance. Check out our Case Study on how this helped a leading consumer electronics retailer to a ROAS > 14:1.

Find Missing Keywords

  • See what keywords are missing in your titles
  • Visualize results on a per SKU basis
  • Revenue metrics included

Case Study

Using CommerceBI with managed shopping campaigns, we identified missing converted search terms and added them to product titles for merchant A. Impression Share skyrocketed by over 200% with a 117% increase in Revenue.

Merchant B, wanted to see NET sales and optimize campaign performance by getting rid of products which had high return or defect rates. Their campaign performance and bottom-line efficiency improved by 223%.

MARTEC360 named a “Top 10 E-Commerce Solution Provider” – CIO Magazine

Why leverage MARTEC360 to help scale your sales growth channels with Google Shopping?

Product Catalog Data Optimization

Your product catalog data is foundational to dynamic advertising and overall ecommerce performance. Effective catalog listing optimization demands both strong technology and careful marketing expertise. We have a stellar track record of providing eCommerce product data management services to our customers in a wide variety of business verticals.

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Datafeed Optimization
& Management

Shopping campaigns can’t reach their full profit potential without an optimized product feed. Our in-depth strategy covers all the bases, making sure you’re putting your best feed forward from A to Z. Our powerful platform optimizes your product data and automatically get your products listed on hundreds of different search, social, affiliate, and marketplace channels.

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PPC Shopping Integration
& Management

We take a new approach to Google Shopping management. Our strategies drive incredible gains in the profitability and efficiency of our clients’ accounts – and we provide more transparency & accountability to our clients than anyone else in the business. Our belief is that digital marketing agencies should be held to the highest standard.

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Marketplace Integration
& Management

Let us handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business. Acting as an extension of your internal team, MARTEC360’s Managed Services combines the strengths of our technology with our unmatched industry expertise to supercharge your selling and marketing efforts across Amazon, Google, Facebook, and hundreds of other channels.

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