BigCommerce Tech & Agency Summit 2018

We look forward to meeting with as many of you at BigCommerce Tech and Agency Summit 2018 as possible and sharing in discussions about your BigCommerce experience, the success stories you’ve taken part of and sharing how with a holistic data and marketing approach BigCommerce Customers can significantly see top & bottom line growth.

MARTEC360 : Marketing. Technology. Growth.

Headquartered in Tampa, FL, MARTEC360 is an industry leader disrupting the marketing | technology convergence.  We specialize in building holistic data-driven solutions that are measurable, sustainable and focus on improving your bottom line (ROI/ROAS).

Company Profile

  • US headquarters in Tampa. International India offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar
  • Over 20 years of experience in Distribution, CRM, ERP, eCommerce Platforms, Marketing Automation Systems, Online Marketing, Data / Analytics / Business Intelligence (BI)
  • ERP & CRM platforms such as: Acumatica, Everest Software, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Software, and Salesforce
  • eCommerce platforms: BigCommerce, Everest eCommerce, Magento, NOB Commerce, OSCommerce, Shopify
  • eCommerce experience with over 300 B2B & B2C sites ranging from $2M-500M gross sales annually
  • Online marketing mediums: SEO, SEM, Affiliate, PLAs & Comparison Shopping, Marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart, Jet and others), Referral Marketing, Social Commerce, Conversion Optimization and other B2B marketing tactics
  • Other proficiencies: Migration data management, Project Management for Integrated Projects (ERP migrations, eCommerce migrations, Marketplace integrations)

Industry Certifications

Industry Awards

Business Intelligence for the Disruptive Age

MARTEC360 Business Intelligence powered by DOMO will help wrangle your data sources, connect, transform and uncover insights you didn’t think possible.

Discover New Big Opportunities

With the right data intelligence, you can find opportunities you didn’t know existed. Swap one-size-fits-all dashboards and rigid technology stacks with a customizable platform to set you ahead of the pack.

Take Action—Anywhere, Anytime

Business Intelligence is useless without action. Domo helps discover the insight and enable action quicker than ever and from any device.

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