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With an exclusive focus on e-commerce merchants, MARTEC360’s platforms, strategy and management operates as an extension of your team to power top-line revenue growth and customer acquisition to achieve your return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) goals to maximize profitability.

MARTEC360 named a “Top 10 E-Commerce Solution Provider” – CIO Magazine


  • Gain a holistic view of the e-commerce landscape by working with experts in digital marketing, performance advertising, AND e-commerce
  • Build your brand and drive sales on search, shopping, social and marketplace channels
  • Optimize your investment through our team’s use of sophisticated technology and tailored advertising strategies
  • Reach your best audience with top-notch segmentation and refinement across multiple channels
  • Combine ads with direct sales through support for Facebook Marketplace, Checkout on Instagram, and Google Shopping Actions
  • Pivot quickly to new opportunities by leveraging our extensive global presence
  • Stay ahead in a highly-competitive space with our deep market insights and creative competitor tactics

Product Data & Feed Optimization

It all starts with data. Quality product data to be precise. If your product content is “garbage in” then the opportunity to optimize integrated search, shopping and product feeds will not perform. This is because a search engine or marketing integration is only as good as the data it has to work with. MARTEC360 helps customers optimize not only product content but also the product feeds into the various channels.


Google Shopping & Bing Management

Our Google Shopping strategy marries best-in-class technology and expert analyst knowledge to push account performance to new heights. Our analysts begin by carefully segmenting your search terms into 3 categories: generic, qualified, and item-specific terms. Other agencies bid the same amount for every term, creating a lot of wasted ad spend! Our approach lowers bids on non-converting terms and bid more aggressively on on terms that do convert — maximizing impressions and ensuring the right searchers see your products.


Product Feed Driven Dynamic Text Ads

Leverage your feed to create dynamic Adwords campaigns. Dynamically insert attributes into your ad copy. Automatically pause out of stock items. Automatically promote sales, deals and promotions. Alter ad copy variations without losing your performance history.

In the early years, e-commerce was fairly simple. We know, because we were there. The MARTEC360 team experienced the many shortcomings with software solutions, various ad tech platforms and advertising agencies. We then built a collection of mar-tech stacks to solve our own problems first, and then realized other agencies, online retailers and brands have the same problem.

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MARTEC360 was an integral part of our team for more than 10 years before we sold the business. During that time, we grew from $5M to $35M+ annually in a niche industry all while gaining efficiencies and increased profitability. We could not have built the business to the level of success we did without their team.

Mike, former Outdoor Sporting Goods Omni-Channel Retailer

The MARTEC360 team has been tremendous! In less than a year the helped grow my business from $150K/mo to $1.5M/mo in sales volume while being able to get rid of the manual processes we use to have. As the CEO of the business, knowing they are running things allows me to work on my business rather than in my business.

Lee, Consumer Electronics

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