Save Time with Sales Tax Automation 

Sale tax compliance is more complicated than ever. Based on the South Dakota vs. Wayfair SCOTUS decision, merchants may have interstate tax obligations depending on annual sales revenue or number of orders placed in various states that can trigger sales tax remittance and compliance requirements. 

MARTEC360 has worked with 3rd party platform partners for years to establish a variety of sales tax compliance integrations for Everest. Our featured tax integration solution is Avalara’s AvaTax. Contact us today to discuss your details necessary to streamline your sales tax calculation, recording, reporting and remittance.

NOTE: We are not tax experts, please talk to your accounting professionals for your specific compliance determinations.

Sales Tax Connector for Everest FAQ’s

After July 1, 2020 – no. Everest/Ignite used to have platinum support plans which included the connector. This is not the case any longer. Please contact your Everest/Ignite account manager for any further details related to changes in your support agreement.

We utilize a work/task collaboration solution called Wrike. Upon execution of your first transactional business engagement with MARTEC360, we create a collaborator login for any/all respective parties needed in your organization. For setup/integrations or projects, we create a project folder for any/all initial tasks as part of carrying out the initial scope. In a separate support folder, we create sub-folders for each line of business which we may have with you: SalesTax, ERPBI, ChannelCommerceConnector etc.

If you have an Everest multi-company license and more than 1 of them needs to be integrated into Avalara, there will be a separate cost for each company as the products, settings, and configuration is different for each. There are multi-company qty breaks available depending on a couple of factors. Contact us for more detail if you need a multi-company integration.

As of 9/1/2020, the sales tax connector is presently certified and supported for the 6.x and 7.x of Everest ERP. R&D efforts are already underway to complete getting version 5.x and version 8.x integrated, certified and supported. These are expected soon. If you are on v5 or going to v8 and need more detail, please contact us for more detail.

No. It is a real-time web service integration which talks to Avalara’s AvaTax and then manages the sales tax on the documents directly taking into consideration a variety of other sales tax calculations.

The Sales Tax Connector for Everest only covers the Everest ERP integration. Should you need to connect your BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, or custom website/portal solution, please contact the system integration vendor which you work with respective to those platforms and/or Avalara for any scope or budget requirements.

No. Any tertiary integration would need consulting or integration with the system integration vendor of the respective platform. Should you need consulting or strategy on integrating Avalara with your platform from MARTEC360, this would be covered under a separate scope and likely a block-time work order (WO).

First, MARTEC360 has taken over all managed upgrades from Everest/Ignite. Visit our site for more details related to managed upgrades and process. When you have a managed upgrade need, please reach out to us as early as possible in the process. As part of knowing a managed upgrade is coming, we will ensure that the Sales Tax Connector is ready and supported for the respective version you are upgrading.

For our managed upgrades Level of Estimates (LOE), we do not track billable hours against the Sales Tax Connector OR any other SaaS in which MARTEC360 has an active agreement with you. The only potential exceptions is if/when you elect to add additional scope or functionality which is not part of the general software release. Your annual SaaS subscription with MARTEC360 for the Sales Tax Connector covers up to Everest 2 version upgrades/updates annually. Should you need additional updates from Everest/Ignite, any additional updates are considered T&M and covered under block time arrangements.

If any data mapping fields are added or need to be changed, they are available as part of our MARTEC360 SaaS Connector subscription and will be made available with a managed update to the connector at no additional cost.

Managed updates are typically scheduled 5-10 business working days in advance. Example: setting/defining your Avalara Sales Tax Product Settings via Everest and a custom character field.

This depends on the support issue – some of the support topics may be complicated and span across multiple service providers. The list below provides a rule of thumb, but feel free to consult the Sales Tax Connector for Everest page on our website for guidance.

  • Avalara
    • If there are communication issues between Everest & Avalara.
    • Anything related to your product data or service where product data tagging is not properly configured. Should MARTEC360 receive repeated requests for support stemming from poor or inaccurate product data, support is billable T&M or under block-time.
    • Anything related to your Avalara settings, configuration, rates not calculating correctly.
  • Everest/Ignite
    • Anything related to Everest financials reporting and/or general Everest functionality.
  • MARTEC360
    • If you are seeing the order data and tax calculation properly in Avalara but not in Everest.
    • If you are defining product tax classifications within Everest to be transmitted to Avalara and they are not updating/reflecting in Avalara.
    • Cases where the information which Avalara calculated the tax as X did not properly populate to the respective field in the Everest document.

Last updated 9/15/2020.