PEAK DCP eCommerce for Everest ERP offers a wealth of features and capabilities to create and fully manage your online store. When comparing the out-of-the-box solutions already built into this full solution compared against the current state of the big three eCommerce platforms (BigCommerce, Shopify and Magento) – it quickly becomes apparent that PEAK DCP offers more functionality at an overall lower cost of ownership. This allows organizations to allocate the savings into growth strategies, capital expenditures, and other necessary investments.

Below is a detailed list of PEAK DCP features:

PEAK Digital Commerce Platform (DCP) Features

Homepage Customizations

  • Closeouts (sales)
  • Custom Content for Company intro
  • Dynamic Sliders / Hero Image Integration
  • Events Listings
  • Featured Brands or Manufacturers
  • Featured Categories and SubCats/Brands
  • Featured Groups & Choices
  • Featured Products
  • Hottest Deals (sales)
  • Latest Arrivals
  • News Integration
  • YouTube Video Integration

Site Search Capabilities

  • 3rd party foundation functionality
  • 3rd party integration (nextopia, SLI, etc) – client responsible for 3rd party costs
  • Built-in functionality

Product Page Customizations

  • Add-to-Cart Interstitials (model upon add to cart with cross-sell/up-sell)
  • Add-to-Cart Specialty Features (free gift, buy 1 get X, bundle add-ons, matrix+kit)
  • Content Guide Integration (buyers guides, expert advice, education) – capabilities only, content & content strategy not included
  • Content Quick Link Capabilities (return policies, shipping, pricing guarantees, other policies) – content itself not provided
  • Customers Who Bought/Viewed also …
  • KIT functionality – settings for drop-downs vs radio buttons – ability for all other features to work with kit (add-ons, related, up-sell/cross sell, image capabilities etc) – parameter handling for unique product landing pages, affiliate and shopping integration (does not include marketing services)
  • Manufacturer Rebate Capabilities (with automation of turn-on/turn-off)
  • MATRIX functionality – single page handling – ability for all other features to work with kit (add-ons, related, up-sell/cross sell, image capabilities etc) – display handling for single selection, AJAX attribute selection, or lists – price and stock handling based on AJAX lookups – price handling for price ranges (starting from) for all display functions – parameter handling for unique product landing pages, affiliate and shopping integration (does not include marketing services)
  • Multimedia Docs Integration (catalogs, instruction manuals, rebate forms)
  • Product Comparisons
  • Product Description Handling (summary, full, tech specs, shopping, marketplace or group/choice content)
  • Product FAQ Integration (default = questions for client staff to answer; custom = ability to ask questions of staff and other verified buyers to answer) – similar to PowerReviews
  • Product Image/Slider Swatching
  • Product Image Labeling (new, sale, used, custom, configure, best seller)
  • Product Image Optimization * (single image *imageorig* + webP support) * similar to Adobe Scene7 or Cloudinary
  • Product Image Zoom
  • Product Pricing Logic (default = standard based on SPs and core pricing logic; pricing based on tracking groups / choices and special pricing will = custom; anything not standard will = custom)
  • Product Request/Alert Functions (get better price, price match, stock status notification)
  • Product Reviews Integration (default = mt360 integrated solution with standard functionality with handling for kits and matrix parent/child included; custom = any 3rd party integration such as ShopperApproved or YotPo)
  • Related and Add-on Products
  • Save / Favorite Product (into lists)
  • Social Media Sharing Integration* (email, facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter) * MARTEC360 philosophy = if you are not engaging and managing the conversation in the community then do not integrate it. MARTEC360 does not usually endorse heavy 3rd-party sharing services like add this due to site performance concerns
  • Stock Status Integration (default = “in stock”, “backorder”, “pre-order”) w/ no custom logic
  • Tracking/Group Choice Content (pull of tracking groups/choices for custom content)
  • YouTube Video Integration
  • and much more based on unique client requirements…

Category, Sub Category, Product Lists and Gallery Pages

  • “Navigation system” content manager (enabling content control to every facet filtered)
  • Algorithmic Content Generation*
  • Content algo crafting/writing (in gsheets)
  • Dev implementation (upon approval)
  • Keyword/intent discovery research
  • Research the facets for generation
  • Algo content coordination
  • Banner integration
  • Cat Product Listing Pages
  • Compare Products
  • Dynamic Sliders / Hero Images
  • Faced, Parametric Site Navigation (with filter system settings and left nav prefs)
  • Featured Brands & Manufacturers
  • Featured Products & Latest Arrivals
  • List View vs Grid View Display Prefs
  • Multi-Category Functionality not add-ons
  • Parent 1st level Cat Landing Pages
  • Quick View for Product Info
  • Settings for Page Display (Show X per page/sort order)
  • SubParent 2nd level Cat Landing Pages
  • UOM Groupings via Item Aliases for “packs” of products

Automated Customer CRM

  • Customer follow-up
  • Forgot Password
  • Internal Business Alerts/Notifications
  • New Customer Welcome Message
  • Sales/Document Tracking* – ex: payment issue, problem with order, etc
  • Sales Invoice Tracking x1
  • Sales Invoice Tracking x2+
  • Sales Order Created (guest order)
  • Sales Order Created (phone order)
  • Sales Order Created (web order)
  • Sales Order to Sales Invoice

Customer Checkout Funnel (registration, login, checkout)

  • Address Book Management
  • Billing Information Optimization
  • Guest Checkout (one-page checkout)
  • Interrupted Checkout for up-sell/cross-sell (warranties for example)
  • Multi-Recipient Shipping Capabilities (gift orders with 1 bill-to, many ship-to)
  • Order Confirmation Page Optimization
  • Payment Method Optimization
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Save for Later Cart Functionality in addition to standard saved cart features
  • Shipping & CC Page Optimization
  • Shipping Program Capabilities (similar to amazon prime)
  • Social Checkout
  • Split Shipment Shipping Costing
  • Standard Registration/Account Checkout

SEO & Integrated Marketing Features and Functionality Management

  • Google Shopping & Marketing Feeds
  • robots.txt handling*
  • / Rich Snippets
  • SEO Meta Data Handling for Brand and Faceted Navigation / Search Pages
  • SEO META Data Handling for CMS Pages
  • SEO Meta Data Handling for Homepage
  • SEO Meta Data Handling for Product Pages
  • Sitemap.xml handling*

Customer Account Backend Functions

  • “My Orders” and “My Products” for quick listings of the orders/products ordered so as to streamline reorder and/or reviews
  • Account Information Quick Link Pages
  • Customer Login – cookie’d login – remember me – auto login based on parameter – cookie’d credentials for BI, AI / machine learning
  • Customer Statements Online / Email
  • Dealer / Customer Price List Function – pulls in qty level or customer level pricing for customer with multi item add-to-cart function (great for B2B or Distribution)
  • Favorite Lists
  • Forgot Password* overhauled to function like amazon/apple * requires KSCRMa

Performance Related Customizations and Integrations

  • CDN integrations with Akamai, CDNetworks, MaxCDN, CloudFlare, Fastly
  • IIS optimizations for all version levels
  • SQL optimization for ongoing indexing
  • SQL optimization shopping cart history

Content Management System (CMS Pages)

  • About Us
  • Buyers Guide Capabilities
  • Catalog Requests
  • Contact Us
  • Dynamic Help Center
  • Static “Specialty” Page Handling

3rd-party Scripts and Plugin Integrations

  • Standard Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce Analytics
  • Bing Conversion Tracking
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking
  • Google Adwords Conversion Tracking
  • Countless other 3rd-party plugins with services like Adroll, Critieo, mybuys, Adobe scene7, etc.