Utilizing HTML5 and the latest version of the bootstrap framework, PEAK DCP is completely mobile-responsive and a SEO-friendly solution for Everest ERP. Our fully optimized demo websites as well as fully-optimized client sites routinely score 80-90 on both GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights. PEAK DCP integrates seamlessly into Everest with real-time platform communication utilizing the Everest SDK/API technology plus our proprietary software while adhering to the database relationships and constraints within Everest.

Customer Account Backend Functions

  • “My Orders” and “My Products” for quick listings of the orders/products ordered so as to streamline reorder and/or reviews
  • Account Information Quick Link Pages
  • Customer Login – cookie’d login – remember me – auto login based on parameter – cookie’d credentials for BI, AI / machine learning
  • Customer Statements Online / Email
  • Dealer / Customer Price List Function – pulls in qty level or customer level pricing for customer with multi item add-to-cart function (great for B2B or Distribution)
  • Favorite Lists
  • Forgot Password* overhauled to function like amazon/apple * requires KSCRMa