Utilizing HTML5 and the latest version of the bootstrap framework, PEAK DCP is completely mobile-responsive and a SEO-friendly solution for Everest ERP. Our fully optimized demo websites as well as fully-optimized client sites routinely score 80-90 on both GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights. PEAK DCP integrates seamlessly into Everest with real-time platform communication utilizing the Everest SDK/API technology plus our proprietary software while adhering to the database relationships and constraints within Everest.

Homepage Features

Features: Top products, top sellers, latest arrivals, closeout, blowout, hero/slider implementations, custom tracking group/choice features, featured brands, featured categories, YouTube video integration, custom homepage content and more.


Category / Gallery / Site Search

Features: Faceted navigation (or parametric search), unique custom content implementation options on all levels of faceted navigation, hero/slider implementations, basic algorithmic content generation business rules, featured products, product popularity scoring, multi-category handling, list views, grid views, quick views, qty level pricing integration, customer level pricing integration, price handling for grouping of price ranges and more.

Product Detail Pages

Features: Add-to-cart interstitials, Add-to-Cart Specialty Upsell & Cross-sell features, content guide integrations, customer who also bought, content quick link capabilities, image zoom, image labeling dependent on product status, image compression, image swatching, kit / bundling handling for various display options, matrix (parent/child) handling for single attribute, multi attribute handling, qty level pricing, customer level pricing, alert notifications, specialty stock status integrations, YouTube video integration, product reviews, product FAQs and more.


Login / Registration / Checkout Funnel

Features: Guest checkout, overhauled forgot password system, PayPal account link relationships, address book integration, Addressy (3rd-Party) address auto complete integration, interrupted checkout for things like up-sell / cross-sell (warranties), multi-recipient shipping capabilities, split shipment capabilities, save for later functionality + saved carts (default), shipping and credit card page conversion optimization, social checkout options and more.

CRM Functions

Feature Examples: customer welcome letter, forgot password, tracking x1, tracking x2, document tracking notifications, sales/rep and internal staff business intelligence reporting options, customer review followup, customer followups based on item/brand/grouping options, customer statements and more.

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