Order Import System (OIS) for Everest

The Order Import System (OIS) SaaS for Everest enables merchants to have customers/documents from various 3rd party order entry systems. Examples of these order manage tools could be: e-commerce platforms such as BigCommerrce, Magento, Shopify or multi-site solutions; CRM solutions such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho; EDI connectors such as SPSCommerce and TrueCommerce + many many others. 

The OIS interfaces to the 3rd party system via web service, flat file / ftp, or some other method to capture the customer/order header information along with any of the line item information which is being recorded. Based on document type & workflow settings, the customers and documents are then created into Everest ERP. The system can natively work with Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Credit Quotes, Credit Orders, Purchase Quotes and Purchase Orders.

Beyond the OIS capabilities herein, additional automation solutions exist for auto payment application, auto invoicing and so on. The number of business processes which can be streamlined and automated in the system is almost endless based on the capabilities of the SDK/API.

Reach out and contact us today if you would like to get started with streamlining your purchasing / order automated processes. We are always eager to engage opportunities for business process improvement with clients so they can further maximize their TCO and ROI within the Everest eco-system.