Everest FAQs2020-08-28T22:11:39-04:00
I’m on an older version of Everest, can I use Windows 2012 or 2016?2020-06-23T05:58:24-04:00

Yes with a little configuration, We can get Everest 5.x Functioning on more modern platforms.

Does MARTEC360 offer any type of support programs?2020-06-23T05:57:13-04:00

Yes. MT360 offers a variety of support models from hourly support to annual support contracts for Server/OS environment, Application / Database environment as well as Web/eCommerce environments by our seasoned experts. These programs exist for versions starting from version 1.x through the latest 7.x versions.

How long has MARTEC360 worked with Everest?2020-06-23T05:56:45-04:00

MARTEC360 founder and CEO, Andrew Shelton, was a key member of the first organization that licensed and ran Everest ERP after Everest Software evolved from Accware software in 1998.  To say MARTEC360 understands Everest ERP is a large understatement.

The MARTEC360 Senior Developers have been improving, optimizing, and customizing the Everest platform since 2002.

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