Garbage in, Garbage Out. Clean/Optimize Your Data to Gain Sales & Efficiency. 

With over 100+ years of combined experience, a consistent and recurring theme has been merchants having bad or incomplete data. There is no faster way to increase your online sales opportunities in the age of data transformation than investing in product data catalog optimization. That could mean cleansing your customer records for remarking and sales audience targeting, converting simple products to parent/child matrix variants, or creating data content for integration to additional 3rd party platforms (e-commerce platforms, google shopping, and marketplaces as examples). 

Beyond these one-time (ad hoc) data manipulation projects for merchants, we have Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) resources available to tackle a variety of additional data topics. Please see our BPO page for information related to the extent and scenarios for outsourced process opportunities. 

Lastly, the CAMP Admin platform for Everest ERP provides organizations far greater capabilities than exist directly within Everest for managing various data workflows.