The Centralized Action Management Platform – CAMP is our robust CRM/CMS Platform for Everest which helps you manage your ascent to the summit of your Everest experience. CAMP consists of highly functional CMS, CRM, POS, and Reporting modules. Inquire about additional modules if you have specific use cases.

CAMP was initially built for early MARTEC360 clients with a simple purpose of improving the user interface and improving employee efficiency. The heavy cost to train staff on a full software interface when some employees only needed to perform job specific tasks like managing product catalogs or handling customer service requests lent itself to having these users work primarily out of a web browser. This enables those users to be easily set up as a remote workforce. Over time, more advanced needs like commission reporting, drop ship order management, vendor purchase order management, marketplace/order imports and others became a necessity to keep pace in the ever-changing digital ecosystem. As a result of getting further control of their data and business, organizations saw greater success.

Today, CAMP is the centralized action management platform which can help provide actionable reports and tools to help accelerate your business. Without this type of feature rich and self-contained solution, it is much more challenging to be as competitive in the digital world.