Customer & Sales Enablement to Grow Business

Over the past 20 years, we have provided professional services to fortify sales enablement strategies and eCommerce growth. We found that a big need existed to extend functionality, tracking and reporting well beyond what most CRM, ERP, and eCommerce systems support natively. The CRM Module meets the demands of managing an active eCommerce business with sales, invoicing and customer service functions at your fingertips on desktop or mobile devices around the clock.

A few functions that exist within the order and invoicing capabilities are:


  • Fully mobile response with HTML5 so you always have the information at your fingertips
  • Full use of SDK/API functions where appropriate
  • Support for viewing and editing of all document types (sales quotes, orders, invoices | credit quotes, orders, memos)
  • Works with your existing ERP security rights +
  • Built-in added security rights to support functions native to MARTEC360 CRM Module

Document Specific Functions

  • View all document types
  • Light editing of most document types
  • Ability to create sales quotes/orders and credit quotes/orders via UI (currently in beta)
  • Support for all multimedia attachments for customers and documents
  • Support for all customer and document tracking functions
  • Support for full Task Management
  • Snapshot reporting charts summarizing high-level visualizations
  • AR Aging Reports by Rep
  • AR Aging Reports by Customer
  • Advanced customer search functions
  • Comprehensive sales commission calculators – sales reps can see in real-time
  • Sales Performance Dashboards
  • Additional specific customizations driven by customer request
  • For a full reporting suite, MARTEC360 has the CommerceBI Suite which provides business intelligence and advanced analytics on the following: ERP data, eCommerce, Analytics (Google), paid advertising (Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Display), email, social, and any one of 500+ other data connectors to provide an unparalleled view into actionable insights
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