Customer & Sales Enablement to Grow Business

Like the CMS Module, the CRM Module was built to ease big pain points of industry-leading electronics retailers in the early 2000’s. Challenges revolved around having a 100% virtual workforce while leveraging Everest on a private cloud server. Other issues included having remote field reps who needed to see the output of the complex commission models in real-time including all sales quotes, orders, credits, and memos. This also meant the staff needed real-time access to customer information and activities.

The CRM Module became such an integral business component that organizations often moved their CSR’s, outbound sales, and marketing staff into the CRM portal. Why? High turnover positions become doubly expensive when trying to train non-key employees on the intricacies of a complex ERP system. The efficiency and ease of use to enable all employees to use the CRM module streamlines productivity and reduces overall training costs.

Note – the CRM Module does have a dependency on the SDK/API Frameworks so that all inherent security rights and integrities can be respected.