Customer & Sales Enablement to Grow Business

Like the CMS Module, the CRM Module was built to ease big pain points of industry-leading electronics retailers in the early 2000’s. Challenges revolved around having a 100% virtual workforce while leveraging Everest on a private cloud server. Other issues included having remote field reps who needed to see the output of the complex commission models in real-time including all sales quotes, orders, credits, and memos. This also meant the staff needed real-time access to customer information and activities.

The CRM Module became such an integral business component that organizations often moved their CSR’s, outbound sales, and marketing staff into the CRM portal. Why? High turnover positions become doubly expensive when trying to train non-key employees on the intricacies of a complex ERP system. The efficiency and ease of use to enable all employees to use the CRM module streamlines productivity and reduces overall training costs.

Note – the CRM Module does have a dependency on the SDK/API Frameworks so that all inherent security rights and integrities can be respected.

Over the past 20 years, we have provided professional services to fortify sales enablement strategies and eCommerce growth. We found that a big need existed to extend functionality, tracking and reporting well beyond what most CRM, ERP, and eCommerce systems support natively. The CRM Module meets the demands of managing an active eCommerce business with sales, invoicing and customer service functions at your fingertips on desktop or mobile devices around the clock.

A few functions that exist within the order and invoicing capabilities are:


  • Fully mobile response with HTML5 so you always have the information at your fingertips
  • Full use of SDK/API functions where appropriate
  • Support for viewing and editing of all document types (sales quotes, orders, invoices | credit quotes, orders, memos)
  • Works with your existing ERP security rights +
  • Built-in added security rights to support functions native to MARTEC360 CRM Module

Document Specific Functions

  • View all document types
  • Light editing of most document types
  • Ability to create sales quotes/orders and credit quotes/orders via UI (currently in beta)
  • Support for all multimedia attachments for customers and documents
  • Support for all customer and document tracking functions
  • Support for full Task Management

Expanded Functionality

  • Snapshot reporting charts summarizing high-level visualizations
  • AR Aging Reports by Rep
  • AR Aging Reports by Customer
  • Advanced customer search functions
  • Comprehensive sales commission calculators – sales reps can see in real-time
  • Sales Performance Dashboards
  • Additional specific customizations driven by customer request
  • For a full reporting suite, MARTEC360 has the CommerceBI Suite which provides business intelligence and advanced analytics on the following: ERP data, eCommerce, Analytics (Google), paid advertising (Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Display), email, social, and any one of 500+ other data connectors to provide an unparalleled view into actionable insights
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The CRM Module has been beneficial as a full Customer, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, and Sales Engine. We have leveraged our experience with Salesforce to Everest integration and mostly mimicked the Salesforce workflow and process engine to best support organizations that can benefit from improved Lead/Op processes. This revolves around document creation (SDK) and advanced search functions which helps your sales teams get the information they need to close deals.

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Organizations with POS transactions have long struggled with Everest Software integrations.

MARTEC360 has developed an Everest-POS integration component (in beta) which adds functionality and simplifies POS terminals by leveraging the Everest SDK/API. This beta UI is mobile responsive which allows the POS to be on any device. Alternatively, we have built numerous custom POS solutions over the years if a the current integration (business flow) requires custom solutions.

In 2018 with PCI Compliance demands and platforms like Square and Clover out there, requiring your POS users to utilize a full-blown ERP makes no sense. The CRM Module at present can be used as an extension of what happens with your typical POS functionality.

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