Ad Hoc Business Support for Everest

With over 100+ years of combined experience, we have been there, seen it and handled it with respect with upgrades over the years. Having started with Accware for DOS, becoming the one of the first organizations on Everest ever and all of the subsequent upgrades over the years – there is not much we have not experienced. Check out our history with Everest for more detail on how far back and detailed this experience has been in more detail.

Some examples of Everest ERP support are deep data issues data manipulation link or requests that come as a result of business process consulting & strategy.

A few larger, more complex examples which we have worked with merchants on over time:

  • Accounting balance sheets and other financial report discrepancies
  • Work orders, average cost and financial report ramifications
  • Software optimization and implementation for moving to AWS Cloud Servers or implementations for multi-server performance optimizations (when larger number of users, sql optimization, SDK / API implementations and/or application servers when 3rd party integrations exist)

Business Support FAQ’s

Typically by either block-time (available in increments of 10, 20 or 40 hours); compiled project; or via a business support services agreement.

For any type of “custom integrations”, we require a pre-paid discovery scope in order to flush out and document the proper business requirements (BRD). At the conclusion of the discovery session a BRD will be generated along with a proposal.

Blocks of time start at 10 hours and go up to 80 hours of available time. The more hours one pre-pays for will decrement the hourly rate. 

MARTEC360 has a long history of extending the application. More often than not, the customizations which your seeking may already be available as part of our CAMP add-on tool for Everest or via other integrations.

Any customizations not already available in some fashion must typically go through a pre-paid discovery and requirements gathering process where at the end we will produce a BRD & proposal.

Great question. The Ignite / Everest Support is for software maintenance, support and updates. Please contact Ignite for more details about any added software program benefits. MARTEC360’s professional services support is more inclusive whereby we can/will work on things such as: SQL Server Tuning, Windows Environment Configuration / Optimization, Custom Projects, Business Process Consulting, Integration Requirements Discovery and more.  

We can and have in the past. Please contact us if you are interested in exploring how to further maximize your investment.

Please note: Any MARTEC360 support programs for Everest are not inclusive of software maintenance or license support. A merchant must maintain an active agreement with Ignite to be entitled to software updates or support. Yes, MARTEC360 does support legacy accounts which are still on versions 2, 3, 4 and 5.

MARTEC360 is no longer working on individual one-off cases. All support connects to pre-paid professional services block-time, a compiled project, a SaaS subscription for some MARTEC360 solution or through an annual support subscription.

Emergency service rates start at $250/hr with a 5 hour minimum for any mission critical / business down scenario unless otherwise noted in SaaS or support contract agreements in place.