Business Intelligence & Custom Reporting for Everest ERP.   

MARTEC360 Business Intelligence powered by DOMO will help wrangle your data sources, connect, transform and uncover insights you didn’t think possible.

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Everest Reporting FAQ’s

Yes. MARTEC360 resources can customize crystal reports either through support services or via a larger more comprehensive project scope.

Yes. MARTEC360 has built a variety of custom reports over the past 20 years. Sometimes these are done within Crystal Reports, other times we have launched reporting modules within our CAMP Admin platform. We have found based on the TCO and ROI that our ERPBI/CommerceBI solution, powered by DOMO, provides far greater capabilities and customer satisfaction than one-off solutions. The BI solution may provide one centralized source of actionable data analytics, source of truth, for all business operations: ERP, E-Commerce, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Call Reporting, CRM Reporting, Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance, Operations, etc.

This can take a little as a couple days and as much as a month depending on the complexity of any customizations you have, level of documentation for said customizations or size of the environment.

The short answer is, yes – we can via a custom project. The longer answer is we have found there is a better solution based on a much bigger industry problem.

PowerBI solves a data connected need for a handful of connectors or data sources. In today’s modern business eco-system there are hundreds or thousands of potential data silo’s existing in your business. Why settle for only linking the basics when you could have one comprehensive business intelligence solution which brings in your ERP, Excel, Access, Email Marketing, Ecommerce Shop, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Inventory, Shipping, Sales & Marketing and more. With more than 700 data connectors, the platform between MARTEC360’s CommerceBI can scale with your growth demands, whether you’re a 1-2M/year or generate 200M/year annually.

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