MARTEC360 Everest Related FAQs

MARTEC360 founder and CEO, Andrew Shelton, was a key member of the first organization that licensed and ran Everest ERP after Everest Software evolved from Accware software in 1998.  To say MARTEC360 understands Everest ERP is a large understatement.

The MARTEC360 Senior Developers have been improving, optimizing, and customizing the Everest platform since 2002.

Yes. MT360 offers a variety of support models from hourly support to annual support contracts for Server/OS environment, Application / Database environment as well as Web/eCommerce environments by our seasoned experts. These programs exist for versions starting from version 1.x through the latest 7.x versions.

Yes, we offer a broad range of support options which will fit most any implementation of Everest.

Yes with a little configuration, We can get Everest 5.x Functioning on more modern platforms.  Currently we like Windows and SQL 2008R2 as that combination delivers the most stable environment.

MT360 has more than 100 clients where Everest is served from the cloud.

Yes, we currently are partnered with Channel Advisor and have an end to end automated process with Amazon, Jet NewEgg, Overstock and Ebay.

Depending on your business, there are several options available.  This is a complex solution.  Best to call us for a detailed options list.

We have created an invoicing module where you can create orders right from your iPad.

YES!  MT360 is partnered with DOMO, the number one BI (Business Intelligence) platform in the world.  With Everest and DOMO, you can have your critical business data available to you from anywhere, securely delivered from the cloud.

At this point, indefinitely.  We have tested to windows 2012 for compatibility and that product has not been assigned for sunset.  We have numerous customers working with different versions of Everest.  One customer in particular uses Everest V 2.01 functioning in a virtual environment (VMware) using Windows 2003 and SQL 2000.  Our vision is to help grow your business to a point that when you do outgrow Everest, the migration will be a cost effective and seamless upgrade path.