With a combined almost 70 years of experience collectively within MARTEC360 working with the Everest platform, the team has been there and done it. First, as end users in one of the largest eCommerce / distribution organizations starting in 1998, all the way through today where we still support a large number of Everest customers that continue to leverage the platform to run their businesses.

Some of the common pain-points we have heard repeatedly over the years:

  • Lack of support for the latest operating systems and client work-stations
  • Lack of reporting and knowing how the business is performing
  • TLS / SSL & PCI Compliance
  • Limited or outdated eCommerce options
  • Narrow options for marketing automation platforms which facilitate growth
  • Missing merchandising functionality for sales enablement
  • Vendor product availability and inventory automation

The list of pain-points for every business running ERP or eCommerce is different. We know there isn’t one solution for every organization. We want to understand and rewrite your story by finding dynamic and creative ways to overcome your business challenges.

Reach out to our business growth team today for a business assessment.