Make Smarter Decisions

Harness the power of data to gain valuable insights, and make the best decision every time. With Magento Business Intelligence, detailed reporting and analysis helps you to recognize your top customers, products, and promotions so you can fuel new growth opportunities.

Sell, sell, sell more.

How does 3X sales growth sound to you? According to the Internet Retailer Top 1000, that’s what Magento eCommerce customers experience on average versus the competition.

Get There Faster

With the Magento enterprise eCommerce platform, you can take advantage of market opportunities quickly. Launch new brands and sites, expand into new geographies, experiment with new business models, and deploy new campaigns fast. With a flexible feature set, effortless customization, and thousands of marketplace extensions, you can create a site for any industry or customer segment with ease.

If you have complex implementation or eCommerce integration issues, MARTEC360 is here to help.

We have assisted with the following complex eCommerce integration solutions:

  • Optimized Site Search – out of the box Site Search often lacks adequate functionality needs
  • Product Finder – Help your shoppers quickly navigate and find the perfect product, every time
  • Merchant Rating & Product Reviews Integration – boost your conversion optimization with an official merchant rating and product reviews
  • Marketplace Integration – eCommerce extends beyond your domain when you can sell directly to the marketplaces
  • API Integration with Business Software – product feeds, customer data, accounting software
  • Personalization & Various Conversion Optimization Integrations – checkout steps analysis and improvement, heatmap analysis and content recommendations, special offer pop-ups for exiting visitors and many more


If you are considering migrating your eCommerce platform to or from Magento, we would be happy to audit your complex business requirements and provide detailed recommendations.