Actionable Reporting

Reporting for the sake of having a report that is not actionable doesn’t help anyone in your organization. The reporting module has been built based on client needs for access to the information that enables them to quickly take action and affect change in their organization. These can be generated and displayed in the reporting module and also followed up with actionable alert emails when coupled with KnowledgeSync CRM. Below is a sampling of some of the types of custom reports built for clients in the past:

  • AR Aging Reports by Rep, Customer or Department
  • Item Inventory Aging by Vendor or Brand
  • Daily activity reports (tracks everything which staff does in the system)
  • Customer Aquisition Reporting (looks at the recency, frequency, and totals of customers over YoYoY variance)
  • Vendor Product Availability Reporting
  • Special Order Reporting
  • Missing Weights, Images, UPC/MPN/EAN/GTIN, Descriptions Item Reports
  • Missing Shipping Weight alerting
  • At Risk Order Reports