With a combined almost 70 years of experience collectively within MARTEC360 working with the Everest platform, the team has been there and done it, ESPECIALLY on anything related to eCommerce. First, our founder started as an end-user of Everest as one of the largest eCommerce / distribution organizations using Everest back in 1998 with roughly 1000 orders daily as one of NewEgg’s largest competitors. By th mid-2000’s, there were close to 35-40 sites having been developed, customized and/or managed by the team. As an example, at the peak (roughly 2007-2008), if one would have looked at the bottom of the Everest site for “success stories” all but 1 or 2 of the examples were sites driven by the now MARTEC360 team. Needless to say, we’ve heard about a lot of the “pain” of not only clients running Everest but also of all the other eCommerce platforms over the years. They all (even today) have their + and – … and no one size fits all, re-platforming is not always the most logical answer.

Nonetheless, some of the common pain-points we have heard repeatedly over the years:

  • The HTML editor quit working within Everest once I upgrade the database server to Windows 2008R2 and/or SQL 2008R2
  • I would like to be able to speed up the web environment / my site is not fast enough
  • I have this site for years now and I’m stuck not knowing how to move my business forward (re-platform? invest in what I have? how do I get more traffic/conversions?)
  • Lack of functionality to keep up with modern eCommerce platforms (see MARTEC360’s custom solution)
  • Limited or no native connectors (in legacy or current) to modern eCommerce platforms
  • Difficulty in updating the backend/front-end to accommodate content needs
  • Challenges with marketplace integration for Amazon, Jet, Walmart, and others
  • Seat license challenges (limited seats available) for performing “content” related tasks which users shouldn’t need to have the full system to manage
  • Limited reporting from a merchandising perspective on what is working and what isn’t
  • Scalability issues from an employee management/resource point of view in managing custom products (kits/bundles)
  • Matrix functionality for apparel / footwear type organizations
  • Difficulties in displaying and calculating complex pricing functions throughout either integrated or 3rd party systems (qty level prices, customer level qty level prices)
  • Lack of real-time shipping rates integrated
  • TLS / SSL & PCI Compliance

Again, the list of pain-points for every business running ERP or eCommerce is different. We know there isn’t one solution for every organization. We would love to hear your story and see how we might be able to re-write the story by finding dynamic and creative ways to overcome your business challenges.

Reach out to our business growth team today for a business assessment.