Examples of Other Modules

Additional modules can be added to the platform by the MARTEC360 team based on your unique business requirements. Examples of a few of the modules or plugins built for others in the past are listed below. Disclaimer: all client business requirements are different, thereby these modules are not “plug and play” where they can just be connected and start functioning. In most cases, they have been coupled with other solutions and strategies to meet unique business challenges. These should be looked upon as examples so that you may consider out of the box methods of how to help grow and manage your business.

  • Vendor Product Availability and Price Update Automation
    The solution looks at “N” number of vendors backend systems through file transfers, compares what you have in stock to what they are having in stock (they may not give you a # thereby automation routines back what that # might actually be). Based on availability, products that might be JIT or drop ship on your eCommerce website and marketplaces will automatically enable/disable and/or manage advertising controls. The price update portion of this is 2nd automation engine with its own separate reporting so as to properly account for what is taking place.
  • Marketplace Connectors & Order Import Module
    Transacting in other 3rd party eCommerce systems or online on the marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart etc … one of the fastest and easiest things to do is to automate the listing and update process for product inventory as well as streamline the order creation process of getting those orders into the system. Any time there are multiple systems talking to one another the topic of “exception reporting” or “error reporting” will come up. The MARTEC360 Order Import module handles all of those things ranging from SDK/API errors to missing/bad data and provides access so that you can remedy them.
  • Used Module
    Sell products that you take in as “used” goods and repair/resell them? The Used Module and business processing workflows account for those scenarios. On a serial number bases, marketing descriptions and pictures can be handled so as to open up untapped channels such as selling used inventory. The system couples directly with our marketplace and shopping integrations so as to drive additional exposure.