Most of these topics are relevant for all versions of Everest from v1 – v7. The majority of Everest accounts that MARTEC360 works with are on Everest 5.026 – 6.x.


MARTEC360 founder, Andrew Shelton, was the part of the organization that was the “1st” company that ever ran Everest outside of “Accware” which then went on to become Everest back in 1998.

Everest ERP Director, Mike Ross, was one of the original certified ICER and ICEE back in the early 2000’s performing implementations with and for Everest and the VAR community.

The MARTEC360 Sr Dev Engineer’s have been working on the Everest platform since roughly 2002 onwards.

This is not a black and white answer we find. Every account is different. MARTEC has spoken with/worked with accounts in the last few months where the logical answer was to get re-plaformed as quickly as fiscally possible. We also have a large number of accounts that have: perpetual Everest licenses (not use to paying license fees nor eCommerce platform fees); have neglected their website for years; have not known how to go about growing their business with the system they have; haven’t been using the system they have … etc … where in their cases it makes 200% sense for them to stay where they are and to invest on some rev growth initiatives (like an updated mobile responsive site, seo optimization, google shopping integration, marketplace integration, better reporting so that they know whats working and whats not, and/or whatever else that the MARTEC360 discovery process vets out as key drivers to success. If you are at this cross roads, you should schedule a time ASAP to speak with a business growth manager.

Yes. We work with and support all of the major platforms. We have our platinum preferred partners that we work with the most however one size does not fit all.

On the other platforms besides Everest we work with an array of “the-best-of-the-best” partners in their respective verticals: ERP, eCommerce, Marketing Automation, Big Data / BI and others. Aside from two (2) platforms, DOMO and Searchmetrics (in our experiences they are that far ahead of the rest), MARTEC360 is an agnostic platform partner. Meaning, we are not a VAR (value added reseller) of any other ERP, eCommerce or Marketing Automation Platform. Because of our relationships and experiences with many of the best-of-the-best VARs we do have our preferred “partners” that know the “MARTEC360 way” and more often than not (no promises) this can accelerate project timelines, sometime reduce budgets and ultimately wind up with a better solution in the end.

Yes. We have built our own custom eCommerce solution which is tailored to each client’s needs.

This list is way TOO long to list. Needless to say when having worked with hundreds of Everest eCommerce clients over the years all the way from the iddy biddy small guys upwards to organizations that were generating 2,000 – 3,000 orders daily that we’ve seen a thing to two. The quick list of some noteworthy functions though:

  • HTML5,
  • Bootstrap,
  • JQuery,
  • Facetted / parametric search,
  • Optimized matrix and kit functionality,
  • Fully SEO optimized dataset (you still have to do the data / content work), optimized customer login experience (order tracking/reordering similar to Amazon),
  • Data automation for faceted filters,
  • Dynamic hero / slider functionality fully incorporated into homepage/gallery pages,
  • Dynamic help center / faq,
  • streamlined customer CRM functions via KnowledgeSync & SendGrid,
  • Qty Level Pricing functions,
  • Optimized promo/giftcard/store credit functions,
  • Get better price
  • Rebates (with automation)
  • Subscription automation
  • Multi-ship shipping calculation
  • UPS/USPS/FedEx API rate integration
  • FedEx Cross Border integration
  • Personalization engines so one can target customers by Geo, by cart contents or any one of a thousand scenarios
  • Dynamic image sizing
  • Dynamic image compression
  • Multi-image swapping
  • YouTube video integration
  • … the.list.goes.on …
    If you can think of something that hasn’t crossed our paths yet then the first round is on “us” when we get-together, we love to learn and continue to stretch the limits.

NO. Every business is different. We tailor our sites/solutions to our clients’ needs which is what sets them up for success and gives them an advantage over the “newer” and more “modern” systems. Despite those systems being newer and more modern, they are still “disconnected” systems that rely on data to sync back and forth which inherently creates some degree of limitations. We do not have those limitations and thereby use that to your advantage.