Customer & Sales Enablement to Grow Business

Like the CMS Module, the CRM Module was initially built out of “need” starting in the early 2000’s when much of the MARTEC360 team managed and supported leading consumer electronics retailers at the time. Those early challenges revolved around having a 100% virtual workforce while leveraging Everest on a private cloud server hosting. That also included having remote field reps that needed to be able to see the output of the complex commission models they were on in real-time as well as all of the sales quote/order/invoices and credit quote/order/memos that corresponded to their universe. That also meant the staff quickly needed to know as much about the customer as virtually possible as soon as a call or customer service activity took place.

The CRM Module evolved and grew over time whereby some organizations eventually put all of their CSR’s for an outbound direct-to-consumer sales and marketing organization into the portal. Why? They found with the high turn-over that can occur with customer service reps and within sales teams that the “costs” of training staff on all the complexities of the ERP system, the tribal knowledge of “how to” or “not to” process their business logic and lastly the security rights/clunkiness of an interface that for “basic” CSR functions could be streamlined.

The MARTEC360 CRM Module handles all of those functions and use cases above and even more so today. With a roadmap that is continuing to grow based on user need/demand/requests – you can get control over your customer and sales growth today.

Note – the CRM Module does have a heavy dependency on the SDK/API Frameworks so that all inherent security rights and integrities can be respected.

Over the past 20 years as we have provided professional services around growth hacking and customer/sales enablement strategies we more than have found that we needed to extend functionality or reporting above and beyond what most CRM, ERP, and/or eCommerce systems support natively. The CRM Module meets the needs/demands of managing an eCommerce business that never sleeps and whereby having access sales/customer service functions at your fingertips on a mobile device anytime is not a feature, its a requirement.

A few of the bullets of functions that natively exist within the order/invoicing capabilities are:


  • fully mobile response with HTML5 so you have the information at your fingertips at all times
  • full use of SDK/API functions where appropriate
  • support for VIEWING and light editing of all document types (sales quotes, orders, invoices | credit quotes, orders, memos)
  • works with your existing ERP security rights +
  • built-in added security rights to support functions native to MARTEC360 CRM Module

Expanded Features

  • Snapshot charts/reports summarizing high level visualizations of what is happening (for a full reporting suite, MARTEC360 has the CommerceBI Suite which blends ERP data, eCommerce, Analytics (Google), paid advertising (Adwords, Bing, Facebook, CPM), email, social, and any one of 500+ other data connectors to provide an unparalleled view into actionable insights).
  • AR Aging Reports by Rep
  • AR Aging Reports by Customer
  • Advanced customer search functions
  • Comprehensive sales commission calculators that reps can see realtime
  • Sales Performance Dashboards
  • + dozens of other specific “customizations” driven by customer demand over the past 20 years

Document Specific Functions

  • View all document types
  • Light editing of some document types
  • Ability to create sales quotes/orders & credit quotes/orders via web interface (coming soon in a platform upgrade/enhanced module)
  • Support for all multimedia attachments for customer/document
  • Support for all customer/document tracking functions
  • Support for full Task Management

The CRM Module has been leveraged in the past as a full Customer, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Sales engine. At MARTEC360 we have leveraged our experience with the Salesforce integration to Everest that we had done so as to build up the workflow/process engine to best support organizations that need Lead/Op processes. Much of this revolves around document creation (SDK) and then myriads of advanced search functions that help your sales teams get the information they need as quickly as possible to ABC (always be closing).

Organizations with retail footprints and taking Point of Sale (POS) transactions have long struggled. POS users typically do not require anything other than scanning of barcodes, upcs or inputting of item numbers; manipulating the price (within appropriate security rights), saving of “contact email” for newsletters and then capturing payment …

In 2018 with PCI Compliance demands and platforms like Square and Clover out there, requiring your POS users to utilize a full-blown ERP makes no sense. The CRM Module at present can be used as an extension of what happens with your typical POS functionality.

In the background, MARTEC360 is working on additional functionality that soon could enable your POS stations to be 100% tablet/browser based while leveraging the SDK/API. Alternatively, we have worked with a number of organizations over the years on alternative solutions and their integration (business flow) into the systems.

Expand your customer service enablement by being more effortlessly find what is happening with your customer accounts so that you can deliver a top-notch experience.

The CRM Module features fully functional task management which natively connects to Customers, Invoicing, Vendors (separate module), Purchasing (separate module), Items / CMS, and users. Anything that is done in the CRM Module shows up if the user is logged into the ERP and vise versa.