The Centralized Action Management Platform – CAMP is our robust CRM/CMS Platform for Everest which helps you manage your ascent to the summit of your Everest experience.  CAMP consists of highly functional CMS, CRM, POS, and Reporting modules. Inquire about additional modules if you have specific use cases.

CMS Module

The CMS module allows users to manage brand, category, and product information across the organization. This also enables functionality which do not normally exist such as YouTube Videos, product FAQs, Image Optimization/Compression, Multi-Images, Catalog Management Workflows and more.  This flexible module brings content efficiencies to your company which encourages increased productivity and improved eCommerce conversion rates.

CRM Module

Access to your customer and sales information anywhere you want and any time you need it via our mobile-responsive UI. Enable your staff to find the information faster and easier than ever before. Future feature releases will enable CSR’s to become completely remote without the need for remote desktop access service.

Reporting Module

Tired of Crystal Reports limitations? Would you benefit from real-time access to data that does not exist within Everest reporting? CAMP’s Reporting Module provides many default reports for sales, inventory, customers and website performance. Some specific examples are revenue/sales, daily sales activity by employee, inventory stock cost, stock error reports, top customers, new customers, vendor aging, website 404 errors, website search and more. which provides valuable KPI’s and insights you need to drive your business. For those who need custom dashboards, custom reporting or possibly our enterprise level Business Intelligence, consider our Commerce BI suite.  Read more

Custom Modules

In addition to CAMP’s primary modules, we have built custom CRM extensions, Vendor & Product availability portals, Used Product Management systems, Kit Suggestions/Builders, Auto-vendor Replenishment functions and many others.  Outside of MARTEC360 solutions, there is an extensive library of 3rd-party integrations that we are able to implement, one recent example is Salesforce.  Read more

CAMP was initially built for early MARTEC360 clients with a simple purpose of improving the user interface and improving employee efficiency. The heavy cost to train staff on a full software interface when some employees only needed to perform job specific tasks like managing product catalogs or handling customer service requests lent itself to having these users work primarily out of a web browser. This enables those users to be easily set up as a remote workforce. Over time, more advanced needs like commission reporting, drop ship order management, vendor purchase order management, marketplace/order imports and others became a necessity to keep pace in the ever-changing digital ecosystem. As a result of getting further control of their data and business, organizations saw greater success.

Today, CAMP is the centralized action management platform which can help provide actionable reports and tools to help accelerate your business. Without this type of feature rich and self-contained solution, it is much more challenging to be as competitive in the digital world.

What versions does the platform work with?

CAMP integrates with Everest versions 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Some features may be limited depending on SDK/API functionality or availability.

How long does it take to get setup?

The typical setup is 1-3 business days.

How does licensing work?

The license is “right to use” and issued via subscription for annual and multi-year agreements – billed monthly.