Manage Product Information with Ease

Managing your product information can be challenging in any ERP or eCommerce platform. With the CAMP CMS Module, you’re able to manage new and existing products, category/subcategory product launches as well as follow the default workflows which identify products with incomplete and/or missing content. When coupled with our PEAK Digital Commerce Platform or eCommerce Customizations you are able to greatly extend your site functionality to meet or exceed modern industry standards, including some that exist in the market on other modern platforms.

The CMS Module was born in the early 2000’s when many members of the MARTEC360 team originally worked with leading consumer electronics retailers and BCD2000.  Due to the large eCommerce volume and complexity of those retailers, both were catalysts for many of the early Everest innovations – as an example, processed over 1,000 daily invoices.

Those early experiences of managing large catalogs in very competitive industries made is necessary to have faster and more intuitive methods for managing product catalog information  and marketing controls.   

While our clients get large benefits from using the current CMS Module version, the development roadmap is actively managed with new features being scheduled on a monthly basis.    

Sales Reporting

Stop wasting time bouncing from one system to the next and cobbling your various spreadsheets together while trying to keep up with real-time decisions.  View new insights on your product and brand sales performance with rolled-up reporting in the following default time frames: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, 365 days, and Lifetime Value (LTV). These reports are available by Sales Invoices, Credit Memos, # of documents and Average Order Value (AOV).

Product Information Management

Many modern operating systems struggle with simple WYSIWYG editors which can force software developers into working on product information management tasks. The CMS Module has an intuitive UI that enables most employees to be efficient almost immediately. The WYSIWYG editors allow easy management of Custom fields, Brand, Manufacturer, primary ERP Category, eCommerce Categories (multi-category), GTIN/MPN/UPC/EAN/ASIN information, Model and most, if not all, of your other product-related data.

Add-On & Related Item Management

Manage your add-ons, related items, kit/bundle upgrades and downgrades with ease through the CMS module. Added functionality like being able to add addons to matrix groups and kits also makes its way in.

Multi-Media Files

Product manuals, spec sheets, instruction guides, whitepapers, Acrobat PDF files, Excel files, Word files … all can be brought forward when web-enabled on your products, brands or categories.

Sales Pricing

Manage your customer level and quantity level pricing with ease through interfaces within the CRM Module. Need to do things like applying bulk pricing updates for a category, brand, category + brand either at the MSRP, “your price” or qty level prices … all are solutions that MARTEC360 has brought forward through the CMS system along with some upgrades.

Image Management

MARTEC360 productized and introduced multi-images and rotational images on sites like HipsandCurves, TennisExpress and PlanetShoes years ago. Over the years the features and capabilities of our multi-image management technology has only gotten better. Today, any of the multi-images

    • Multi-image
    • Image Optimization Suite

Multi-Category Taxonomy Management

On your storefront, you can now place products into multiple categories through the CMS Module. By default, our solution synchronizes with your ERP data so as to establish a base foundation and mapping. From there, everything gets extended from within the admin portal. Added advantages have to do with support for SEO friendly URLs, Google / Bing / Facebook / Marketplace and CSE mapping fields. Additionally, full support for faceted search and multi-storefront are enabled/extended through the solution.

Channel / Marketplace Management Fields

Full marketing integration and automation into channel management platforms as well as marketplaces. Capabilities such as opting out specific products from various marketplaces (ex: Amazon/Amazon FBA), scheduled break map windows, special pricing, rebates, pricing specific to each marketplace itself and built-in integration for repricing rules (min/max). Through the MARTEC360 Order Import Modules, full end-to-end automation from the product listing, product management, order synchronization, and tracking writeback can be achieved.

Google/Bing/Social Commerce Shopping Management

MARTEC360 started working with Froogle by Google YEARS ago and has continued to evolve and grow with the products/solutions which Google enables organizations to leverage. With our integration into Google Merchant Center, MARTEC360 helps organizations with everything from base setup, product listing, shopping optimization, local inventory as part of Google Local Optimization. Capping it off, our CommerceBI Suite and specifically our ShoppingBI solution offers an unparalleled view of how your Google Shopping campaign is performing. As part of our full-service agency services, the MARTEC360 team has routinely been able to deliver ongoing monthly ROAS well above industry averages. ROAS figures such as 20:1 are a regular occurrence based on the integration + BI + agency services.

Workflow Management

Merchants on all platforms tend to have struggles identifying which products are missing product information or where it is just too light. Examples of this range from images, to product summaries/descriptions, shipping weights, missing GTIN/MPN/UPC/EAN queue. The workflow management process enables organizations to put a production queue or workflow to their product launch and management needs. For more sophisticated implementations, the MARTEC360 team has put together full workflow automation and updates from vendors/trade partners for product availability, pricing updates amongst other things.

YouTube/Vimeo Video Integration

Google is the largest search engine by a long shot. YouTube is #2 then followed by Bing much further down the spectrum. Conversion studies have routinely shown that more product images and video related to your products will increase conversion rates. If you’re getting 50,000 visitors a month at a 1% conversion rate and you invest in your product information/videos and you’re conversion rate doubles … guess what, you will have doubled your gross revenue while not having to invest anything further into the customer acquisition through marketing.

Product FAQs

Questions can be answered by any combination of your internal subject matter experts, previous buyers, or our on-demand online answer community. Choose the right mix of responders in context of your internal expertise and resources, business hours, and desired response time.

Product Reviews Integration

Leverage product reviews either through the integrated MARTEC360 solution or through one of our integration partners (ShopperApproved / YotPo). Our product review integrations in all cases can not only be leveraged for your eCommerce orders but also for phone purchases, retail store transactions as well as some very creative methods to capturing ratings/reviews on some of your marketplace orders. All lead to increased conversions, ROI and better ROAS on any campaigns you run. In all cases, the MARTEC360 product review integrations can connect directly to Google and Google Shopping (with eCom customization or our integrated eCommerce platform).

Enhancing content around the brands you carry with specialty landing pages that present promotional sliders, details about what products are on sale/clearance/rebate, what has the latest reviews/videos or shows which products are most popular can have many advantages. Not only can you see elevated conversion rates leading to more sales but you may also be able to leverage those highly tuned pages into getting additional spiffs or rewards from your brand/manufacturers.

The MARTEC360 CMS Module can be used to manage all of this juicy brand content in ways many ERP/eCommerce systems cannot, particularly over the functionality which comes natively.

Faceted or parametric navigation is a necessity in modern eCommerce.  This advanced navigation dynamically populates as users/customers shop by brands, category, price ranges, review rating, and other user-defined tags.

One of CAMP’s advantages that helps separate it from most competitor eCommerce platforms is the ability to control content downstream, depending on desired settings.  Additionally, the following is a high-level overview of some of the default functionality of our integrated eCommerce platform for Everest:

  • control display preferences for each facet and filter
  • default sort preferences and controls for independent categories
  • enable or disable display preferences for sub-categories or products
  • control display preferences by category of list or grid view
  • create and manage content optimization on faceted search (navigation)
  • manage content optimization with complete control and configured for all facet options

Many eCommerce clients struggle with crafting highly usable, beneficial Help Center, FAQ content and Buyers Guides.  If this seems trivial, consider how intuitive and beneficial Help Center content can reduce calls and emails to customer service which are often at or over work capacity.  Simply put, the more useful the content, the more you reduce the strain on customer facing departments.

Additionally, useful content adds credibility which in turn boosts conversion rates and raises customer lifetime value.  If this section is currently overlooked or subpar, there are many reasons to improve it.

The CMS Module has a completely integrated Help Center and FAQ system within the Website Content Manager. The Buyers Guides integration can be linked or embedded into any of the shopping sections of your site.

Managing special content pages such as brand splash pages or landing pages can feel like herding cats. Avoiding time drains such as accidentally creating duplicate versions or hunting for the content page files can be a thing of the past with our CMS Manager.

The CMS Module has a fully functional Website Content Management system which supports features such as Featurettes/Hero Sliders, SEO controls, and tabbed content controls all centered around an integrated WYSIWYG editor.  The intuitive WYSIWYG editor allows all team members to make quick edits or create new content, freeing up software developer time for other tasks.