According to, due to increasing competition and the growing demands of customers for ultra-convenience, ecommerce companies continue to innovate and deliver increasingly powerful features of their platforms. There are a few things to keep in mind to find the best ecommerce platform for your needs.

In May 2016, Google disclosed that mobile has surpassed desktop in product searches. That fact put mobile commerce front and center of every ecommerce company and drove the focus of the mobile shopping experience. Simply put, if you’re not starting with a “mobile first” approach to your shopping experience, you are putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage from the start.

Social commerce was another trend that bloomed throughout the year. According to one study, social media influences buying decision of about 74% online shoppers. Plus, 60% of retailers who implemented social commerce said they gained new customers from different social networks. Social commerce delivers the ultimate in convenience by allowing customers to purchase directly from their preferred social media channels rather than having to exit to a separate shopping cart. This simplicity of integration will continue to grow and dominate in 2017.

Bottom line: While search engine optimization and great user experience design are important, today’s ecommerce platforms aim to capitalize upon mobile & social commerce trends.

How Can MARTEC360 Help with Ecommerce Platforms?

MARTEC360 is more than just a marketing partner. We provide a suite of marketing, technology and business strategies designed to drive the business’s bottom line and profitability. The 360 in our name tells clients that we offer services that go full circle (360 degrees) to meet their needs. With MARTEC360, you get:

  • Custom strategies
  • Tangible results

Our goal is to maximize your presence on search engine results pages. We do all that regardless of the ERP software you choose. MARTEC360 has worked with countless organizations helping move them to an ERP system and connect that ERP to their existing software, especially e-commerce systems. By partnering with the Martec360 project management, companies utilize this expertise to ensure their implementation success.

When it comes to selecting an Ecommerce platform, we can help you find the right Ecommerce platform for your business module. Our technical strategy team can analyze your needs and offer practical suggestions, especially if upgrading from legacy software. We’ve been working in the Ecommerce space for decades and can help strategize your transition to an ERP based on your specific needs.