This feature list of the MARTEC360 Custom eCommerce Solution is way TOO long to list. Needless to say when having worked with hundreds of Everest eCommerce clients over the last 20 years, all the way from the iddy biddy small guys upwards to organizations that were generating 2,000 – 3,000 orders daily that we’ve seen a thing to two.

The quick list of some noteworthy functions though:

  • HTML5,
  • Bootstrap,
  • JQuery,
  • Facetted / parametric search,
  • Optimized matrix and kit functionality,
  • Fully SEO optimized dataset (you still have to do the data / content work), optimized customer login experience (order tracking/reordering similar to Amazon),
  • Data automation for faceted filters,
  • Dynamic hero / slider functionality fully incorporated into homepage/gallery pages,
  • Dynamic help center / faq,
  • streamlined customer CRM functions via KnowledgeSync & SendGrid,
  • Qty Level Pricing functions,
  • Optimized promo/giftcard/store credit functions,
  • Get better price
  • Rebates (with automation)
  • Subscription automation
  • Multi-ship shipping calculation
  • UPS/USPS/FedEx API rate integration
  • FedEx Cross Border integration
  • Personalization engines so one can target customers by Geo, by cart contents or any one of a thousand scenarios
  • Dynamic image sizing
  • Dynamic image compression
  • Multi-image swapping
  • YouTube video integration
  • … the.list.goes.on …
    If you can think of something that hasn’t crossed our paths yet then the first round is on “us” when we get-together, we love to learn and continue to stretch the limits.