Search engine optimization once was as simple as adding the right keywords to the right content in order to reach people and drive profits. Creating new, engaging content that matches user intent is the new paradigm.

With the Searchmetrics Content Experience, the alchemy of online marketing just got easier. Content Experience is your pathfinder to agile content development, guiding you through discovery, optimization and measurement of engaging storytelling.

Agile Content

How do you make great revenue-driving
online content?

Iterate, iterate, iterate. With Searchmetrics, agile content development backs the creative process for the first time with deep learning and the latest in data science.

Create lively content that is also optimized to meet user intent and stand atop the search page rankings. Drive predictable revenue gains using the new future of web content development.


Imagine trying to find a manuscript in the Library of Alexandria without a guide.

In a Web-based world millions of times larger, researching and then formulating a strategy is at best time-consuming, at worst a money-losing endeavor.

The Searchmetrics Content Experience Topic Explorer makes getting started a snap. Use it to instantly:


Create and publish content with predictable cycles.

With automatic competitor identification, you can learn where there are gaps in your content and easily create new content or revise existing content.

Content Editor brings deep learning to your fingertips. Simply start typing and you’ll see instant updates to your content scores, judgments about overall readability, and how close you are to the target text length.

Need Inspiration? Browse any available competitive text and video to figure out how to stand out in a crowd.

Don’t get even, get specific. Question finder tells you what potential customers are asking about a topic, helping you address highly specific search topics better than your competition.