Shopping BI: Eliminate wasted ad spend and boost successful Google Shopping (PLA) campaigns

Whether it is elaborate Google Shopping campaigns or sophisticated Marketplace management, ShoppingBI will help to eliminate wasted ad spend and boost spend on high-achieving components.  A 5 point boost in ROAS on a campaign spending $20k/month is equivalent to an annualized gain of $1,200,000 in revenue gains.  DOMO by MARTEC360 enables advanced analysis of big data by examining performance at the category, brand, product, geo/region, time zone, time of day and day of week levels.  Whether your account has 10,000 rows of data or 4 billion rows of data, we will manage and optimize it.

Advanced Google Shopping (PLA) Insights Will Improve Your Campaign Margins

ShoppingBI and Marketplace BI

  •  Zero Conversion Products
  •  One Conversion Products
  •  Two Converison Products
  •  Multiple Conversions by Brand
  •  Multiple Conversions by Category
  •  Ad Spend without Conversions
  •  High Conversions with Low Impression Share
  •  ROAS by Time Zone by Hour
  •  ROAS by Product
  •  ROAS by Category
  •  ROAS by Brand
  •  ROAS by Region/State
  •  ROAS by Campaign
  •  ROAS by Ad Group
  •  Product Level Reporting YoY
  •  Category Level Reporting YoY
  •  Brand Level Reporting YoY
  •  Historical CPC by Brand, Category
  •  Loaded NetProfit
  •  Performance by Device
  •  AOV by Product, Category, Brand, etc.