eCommerce BI for B2C & B2B Organizations

eCommerce BI for B2C & B2B was designed to deliver visibility into mission-critical metrics such as conversion rates by categories, brands and individual products as well as hard-to-find metrics such as eCommerce customer segments, customer demographics, customer paths, over-performing and under-performing landing pages and much more.  DOMO by MARTEC360 automatically provides you with valuable insights into the metrics that power better decisions. Even better, we make help you optimize this information for supercharging your eCommerce across paid media channels, marketplace channels as well as converting new customers into lifelong customers.

Advanced Customer Insights Means Better eCommerce Conversion Rates, Larger AOV, and Increased Lifetime Value

Predictive Customer Value & Lifetime Value Intelligence

  •  Zero Purchases
  •  One Purchase
  •  Two Purchases
  •  Multiple Purchases
  •  Active Customers
  •  At Risk Customers
  •  Lost Customers
  •  Total Customers
  •  New vs. Repeat Ratio
  •  Lifetime Value (LTV)
  •  Repeat Customer Rate
  •  Customers by Channel
  •  Purchase Frequency
  •  Relationship Length
  •  Revenue by Channel
  •  Ad Spend by Channel
  •  Repeat Customers by Channel
  •  Return on Ad Spend by Channel
  •  Purchase Time Lag
  •  Customer Acq. Cost by Channel
  •  Profit Per Customer by Channel

Advanced Customer Segments

  •  VIP Customers
  •  Big Spenders
  •  Big Ticket Spenders
  •  Small Ticket Spenders
  •  Full Price Customers
  •  Value Shoppers
  •  Repeat Customers
  •  Abandoned Cart Customers
  •  Most Active Customers
  •  Paying Customers
  •  Never Purchased
  •  Low AOV Customers
  •  High AOV Customers
  •  3 Months Since Last Purchase
  •  12 Months Since Last Purchase
  •  Recent Purchase
  •  Repeat Customers
  •  Recently Refunded
  •  Active Customers
  •  At Risk Customers

eCommerce Customer Details

  •  Name
  •  Email
  •  Geographic Location
  •  Number of Orders
  •  Total Spent
  •  Average Order Value
  •  Customer Timeline
  •  Customer Segments
  •  Frequency of Orders Per Year
  •  Customer Status
  •  Categories Purchased
  •  Suggested Products