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ERPBI & CommerceBI modernizes how businesses run by leveraging their data, from all data sources, at cloud scale in record time. This enables organizations to reduce their total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) and maximize return-on-investment (ROI) by leveraging many of the technologies you already have.

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ERPBI & CommerceBI accelerates your digital transformation.

Connect your Platforms

Securely connect and normalize data from over 1,000 sources.

Overcome team silos.

Create shared KPIs across various data sources and teams.

Empower teams.

Put data and analysis in the hands of every individual.

Solve problems faster

Work together, in real time, from a unified view of data.

With more than 1000+ data connectors available, the platform can scale to meet all of your data analytics needs.

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Companies which rely on DOMO, the platform behind ERPBI & CommerceBI:

Traeger, Ebay, Titleist, Goodwill, Target, Earl & Brown …

Connect data from anywhere in the organization.

Process data in real-time, whether clean or messy, no matter the data size, source or volume.

  • Unleash dark data from cloud systems through 1,000+ adaptive and bi-directional connectors.
  • Ingest data from on-premises systems, flat files, or legacy systems.
  • Clean data with inline and visual ETL approaches, while keeping source data in place with once-and-forever automation.
  • Drive all data and analytics environments with an automated data pipeline and cloud-native query engine for ultra-large datasets.

MARTEC360 named a “Top 10 E-Commerce Solution Provider” – CIO Magazine

In the early years, e-commerce was fairly simple. We know, because we were there. The MARTEC360 team experienced the many shortcomings with software solutions, various ad tech platforms and advertising agencies. We then built a collection of mar-tech stacks to solve our own problems first, and then realized other agencies, online retailers and brands have the same problem.

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MARTEC360 was an integral part of our team for more than 10 years before we sold the business. During that time, we grew from $5M to $35M+ annually in a niche industry all while gaining efficiencies and increased profitability. We could not have built the business to the level of success we did without their team.

Mike, former Outdoor Sporting Goods Omni-Channel Retailer

The MARTEC360 team has been tremendous! In less than a year the helped grow my business from $150K/mo to $1.5M/mo in sales volume while being able to get rid of the manual processes we use to have. As the CEO of the business, knowing they are running things allows me to work on my business rather than in my business.

Lee, Consumer Electronics

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