Are you getting the most out of your ERP?

Technology is evolving and an effective ERP system evolves with the business’s changing needs, so what questions should you be asking when shopping ERPs? Cloud vs.On-site ERP is a good place for most companies to start. The difference between these two formats is clear. One provides a web-based operating platform while the other is installed directly on the business’s servers and managed by in-house IT staff.

How Can MARTEC360 Help with Ecommerce Platforms?

MARTEC360 is more than just a marketing partner. We provide a suite of marketing, technology and business strategies designed to drive the business’s bottom line and profitability. We will audit your Platform to see if you are fully utilizing your Platform, or if you are considering a new Platform we are able to advise which Platform will be right for your strategic goals. When it comes to selecting an Ecommerce platform, we can help you find the right Ecommerce platform for your business module. Our technical strategy team can analyze your needs and offer practical suggestions, especially if upgrading from legacy software. We’ve been working in the Ecommerce space for decades and can help strategize your transition to an ERP based on your specific needs.

Business Insights

Reporting is our gateway to analyzing growth and market trends. Our unique approach to Business Intelligence pulls all of your profit engines to one source of truth so you are comparing apples to apples. Therefore, by removing the risks around “educated guesses” and making business decisions based on measurable facts, your organization is able to plan for marketing campaigns and scale faster and more efficiently than ever before.