Our ContentSPARK engine and authors will create the ideal collateral to boost & amplify the topic of focus. Just answer the following questions and upload your media files. It then gets jazzed up with the right language to grab attention, gain traffic and visibility. These will be done through a variety of sources including but not limited to news outlets (CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, Google News), blogs, slideshares, social media and video.

Requesting the ContentSPARK will deduct 1 publishing credit from your account or credits on file. Should you not have any credits then the spark will be distributed at a retail rate of $995/published ContentSPARK.

If set as a recurring topic/theme, each published ContentSPARK will count towards your publishing credits.

The typical turnaround time for submissions to content outcome and publication is taking 2-3 weeks. Please plan ahead for timing/coordination for seasonality, events, and product launches.

ContentSPARK Request
Explain the news or message you want to get out, and any other pertinent information we should mention.