Everest Credit Card Processing Fix for TLS 1.2

As a solutions provider and trusted voice within the Everest community for nearly 20 years, MARTEC360’s Everest experts have been aware of the potential TLS 1.2 issue(s) for some time and have been developing, testing and working on a certified solution. Specifically, MARTEC360 has been working with Paypal, Braintree Payments and other third party vendors for validation and certification of an approved solution to the TLS 1.2 issue with legacy Everest versions (6.x and below). This certification and approval were fully granted in June 2017.  
The recent “fix” that was posted in Everest google groups forum online is “very close” to the process to which PayPal has signed off on as a certified solution MARTEC360. There are a few exceptions to this, specifically: This process/solution will NOT work for organizations still running Windows 2003 and/or with some other software incompatibilities (anti-virus/security lockdowns on registry edits). As such, many organizations and Everest users may not feel comfortable configuring and testing their systems, servers and payment gateways on their own to account for these fixes. MARTEC360 is offering the approved TLS 1.2 implementation process for any organization running Everest for a nominal fee.
Please feel free to contact us directly if you wish to have this solution implemented within your organization. 
MARTEC360 is a technical integration, digital marketing and professional services firm based in Tampa, Florida serving enterprise and eCommerce clients globally.  The firm is led by Andrew Shelton who was part of the “1st Everest implementation outside of iCode back in 1998” before then starting E2 in 2002 serving the Everest community until 2016 when MARTEC360 was founded. In spring 2017, Michael Ross, formerly of Everest911 and certified iCode ICER & ICEE joined the MARTEC360 team thereby creating the foundation of the foremost Everest ERP solutions provider in the world.

For more information, please contact Martec360 directly.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you wish to have this solution implemented within your organization.

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