Confidentiality is cornerstone within MARTEC360 and critical to most of the clients in our portfolio. We are the secret sauce behind strategy, solution and execution for the SMB/mid-market companies as well as agencies, brands, and retailers we serve. Unveiling who they are, what we did and the solutions behind them presents risk to our mutual success. As a result, we typically do not share who our clients are. Below is a sampling of some clients that have shared our partnership.
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In the early years, e-commerce was fairly simple. We know, because we were there. The MARTEC360 team experienced the many shortcomings with software solutions, various ad tech platforms and advertising agencies. We then built a collection of mar-tech stacks to solve our own problems first, and then realized other agencies, online retailers and brands have the same problem.

Reviews & Testimonials

MARTEC360 was an integral part of our team for more than 10 years before we sold the business. During that time, we grew from $5M to $35M+ annually in a niche industry all while gaining efficiencies and increased profitability. We could not have built the business to the level of success we did without their team. I cannot wait to work with them on the next venture.

Mike, former CEO | Outdoor Sporting Goods Omni-Channel Retailer (3x exit)

The MARTEC360 team has been tremendous! In less than a year they helped grow my business from $150K/mo to $1.5M/mo in sales volume while being able to get rid of the manual processes we use to have. As the CEO of the business, knowing they are running things allows me to work on my business rather than in my business.

Lee, President & CEO | Consumer Electronics

“For more than 10 years, MARTEC360 gave us the ability to deliver bottom line growth based on their high level marketing and technology strategy. They proved to be the missing piece in the puzzle that most small to mid sized business like ours need. Additionally, they were a top-notch liaison between our internal teams and our technology providers, building a relationship with us that will continue to grow, guided by their 360 view of our business and their high level of ability to deliver in the MarTech arena. “

Chris, former President & CEO – Outdoor Sporting Goods/Apparel & Footwear

MarTec360 has enabled me to scale my business in a way I did not believe was possible before we met … We were stuck on a legacy ERP system and an outdated website with no plan of vision of how to move forward. By becoming an extension of our organization & part of our management team, we are now seeing significant YoY growth.

Anonymous, President & CEO – Consumer Electronics

“I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks to you and your team for the incredibly fast and efficient service. Our poor planning resulted in a very tight window yet your solution was implemented like we were your most important customer. I am truly dazzled by the service we received. My only regret is that we did not discover you sooner. I have no doubt your integrated solutions are going to become our new secret weapon and the key to our successful next chapter. I can’t thank you enough.”

Jim, current CIO | Manufacturing / Distribution

“In the short time we have been with MARTEC360, they have brought us great peace of mind by being able to meet all of challenges we’ve presented so far. With a foundation now in place, we look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

Anonymous, current CIO | Home Goods & Distribution

“The MarTec360 team enabled us to tremendously scale and grow as an organization through their strategy and vision for complex custom solutions for our ERP & eCommerce systems. As part of our team, they were always there when needed and played a critical role in our success.”

Anonymous, former President & CFO | Luxury Wine Industry (exited)

“Martec360 and team, even though outsourced resources, feel and act like they are part of my internal team. Attention to detail and a collaborative approach are MARTEC360 hallmarks. I often pitch them curve balls and they have established their ability to catch them and make the play happen.”

Russ, former CIO | ChoiceBrandsGroup – Outdoor / Sporting Goods

MARTEC360 named a “Top 10 E-Commerce Solution Provider” – CIO Magazine

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