Project Management is a great tool for keep goals and objectives on track for your business. There are several areas of Project Management that can enhance efficiency, track budget, ensure quality control, and more!

At MARTEC360, we strive to simplify your implementation process and streamline your business process utilizing best practices established by our expert Project Management Team. We offer Enterprise & Technical Project Management Solutions for all areas of your business operations.
Projects typically have several phases and milestones that can easily overcomplicate your implementation project. We have narrowed down these phases into 3 themes: Organize, Focus, and Get It Done!
By grouping these project phases into these 3 themes, we are able to streamline your projects to meet the needs of the schedule, manage budget, and deliver on quality requirements.
The #1 goal for your project is completion. Speed-to-Market is our main focus. In order to complete a project on schedule, managing priorities and scope will be the main focus on your implementation.
Every project requires a commitment from you. While you are planning the project, including dedicated time with your team will be important. Additionally, if a project schedule is at-risk, this will have a direct impact on your internal team. A project manager supports team focus on deliverables, in order to keep the project on schedule. By keeping change requests low, and organizing blockers and fast-follows, a project manager is a key element to your new platform implementation.
Getting to the Launch Phase of your project will be the most rewarding and terrifying part of your implementation. Project Management methodologies offer options to ease this phase of the project. By scheduling a beta launch, organizing production support and validation, tracking lessons learned, training, and more! Utilize an expert Project Manager during this phase so that every aspect of your business is accounted for before the Launch. This will include establishing checklists, quality control process, resource scheduling, and most importantly: and End-To-End validation and risk management of your new platform.
Best practices to managing the key elements of Project Management (Schedule, Costs, Quality) are to document your project. Utilizing documentation will ensure that all Stakeholders are in alignment with project requirements, which reduces scope and budget changes during the project. Additionally, identifying all risks and areas of risk up front will ensure a smooth Launch Phase. MARTEC360 has identified these standard documents as required for all projects.