Data Migrations can be needed for several different reasons, for example a CRM or ERP re-platform. The MARTEC360 team of experts can support any data migration that requires and Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process.

We will define your existing data, establish the translation layer to your new data tables, and support the export and load process to the destination.

This can be a daunting part of any re-platform, it is a time consuming and part of an implementation. From defining the data requirements, what needs to migrate and what does not need to migration, to data mapping and then performing the extracts and coordinating the loads.

The MARTEC360 team can lead these efforts and provide project management support for all phases, as well as Project Recovery for data migrations.

We follow industry standards and best practices for Project Management and ETL Projects.

The Projects typically take a phased approach:

Phase 1: Design (File Requirements & Data Mapping)
Phase 2: Test Sample Extraction
Phase 3: Verify Test Loads
Phase 4: Data Cleansing
Phase 5: Production Load
Phase 6: Production Verification

Changes are common and need to be managed with Change Requests. Errors upon test imports are also coming, and require additional time for investigation and resolution.

A strong communication and documentation plan is recommended. Additionally, a schedule should be provided that allows for adequate testing and data verification.