Success on AdWords requires creative ads and logical campaign management. Too often companies rely on emotion rather than data when managing their campaigns. Our solutions partner uses science and reason to build optimized, granular campaigns and drive them with an intelligent bidding machine that collects data needed to set the optimal cost for clicks in order to meet your financial constraints and business objectives.


Building each click profile as a unique action gives the best performance.

What was once considered crazy has become accepted as the standard for performance marketers. We manage Shopping similarly with “Single Product Ad Groups” which allow us to build our click profile for each individual product. Then, our technology aggregates performance history by keyword or product attributes to share data when required.


Structuring your campaign correctly is the first step to success.

We structure campaigns in order to capture the most actionable data available. Actionable features of AdWords are available at different levels. By placing settings at the appropriate level balances using data to make decisions while influencing performance.


Set your CPC based on the revenue each keyword will provide.

The relationship between keywords/products and revenues is very complex, so we look at the profit/revenue history for each keyword to figure out how much to bid for future clicks. We believe each keyword and product should earn the right to spend your money. Rather than giving each keyword the same CPC or going after a specific ad spot on Google, each keyword should be set based on the amount of value it returns


Providing more than just search and shopping.

Quality Score produces cheaper clicks, higher positions, better click through rates. Campaign architecture and ad groups are components of a bigger strategy to positively affect improve Quality Score in the account. We build on an exact match strategy and negative keyword routing that forces Google to select as many Exact Match keywords as possible. Our Dynamic Search Term Insertion (DSTI) expands your keyword bank safely and effectively based on keywords that convert.


Unprofitable clicks kill growth.

We provide several flexible models that calculate the profit of each click. We use AdWords or Analytics Tracking to understand how keywords are linked to value. Over time, we learn how much value each keyword is worth to your business. We continually optimize each keyword and match type with different maximum cost per clicks and react to changes from competitors, seasonality, and market conditions.


Campaigns get stronger over time as they gather more data.

In addition to using the keyword/product history, we then layer additional audience and device data to be as precise as possible. We automatically calculate the bids for remarketing audiences and different devices based on their performance history. We’ll also use locations, income levels and demographics based on your individual needs.


You can’t optimize what you can’t measure.

To be successful you must track the conversions that impact your business. We specialize in tracking the right metrics, installing and verifying conversion codes, tracking from multiple sources, Google Analytics eCommerce tracking, and other advanced tracking methods. Attribution, or how we look at the collected data, is also very important and we will consult on the model that makes the most sense for your business.