Data Storytelling vs. Data Visualization

Data storytelling is not simply data visualization, advanced analytics, or a handful of spreadsheets. Data storytelling is the collision of two worlds: clean data and consumable communication. It’s an insightful narrative crafted with and anchored by clean, insightful data.

This collision of worlds is easier said than done for most organizations.

Standard reporting and analysis that most organizations employ rarely makes it into the marketing decision maker’s hands. This results in a large amount of rich, insightful data that goes unused – which is a tragedy due to the true value data storytelling.

The Branding Benefits

Obviously, there are various types of corporate communication, but data storytelling is uniquely positioned (and backed by data) to help the appropriate decision maker’s achieve their goals in multiple ways.

Meaning and Value

In this digital age, where we are overwhelmed by data but desperate for valuable information, data storytelling connect the dots. Not only is it easily consumed by “non-data people”, but it’s also the most effective way to communicate important insights and context to data to the “data people”. For nearly all organizations, this information transfer is crucial.