Advanced Analytics

Combining the advanced analytics insights with your CRM data, Warehouse Management data, and nearly any other data source is the power of stacking data and unleashing Business Intelligence.

We are prepared to not only unveil the deeper insights but we’re ready to put those data nuggets into action.

Business Intelligence

Reporting is our gateway to analyzing growth and market trends. Our unique approach to Business Intelligence pulls all of your profit engines to one source of truth so you are comparing apples to apples. Therefore, by removing the risks around “educated guesses” and making business decisions based on measurable facts, your organization is able to plan for marketing campaigns and scale faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Data Management

Data Management – better management, better insights, better actions.

Data management challenges are prominent for organizations of all sizes, but especially SMBs. MARTEC360 will help ease these challenges with our team of data & database experts, data architects and Business Intelligence team.

Data Storytelling

Data storytelling is not simply data visualization, advanced analytics, or a handful of spreadsheets. Data storytelling is the collision of two worlds: clean data and consumable communication. It’s an insightful narrative crafted with and anchored by clean, insightful data.

This collision of worlds is easier said than done for most organizations.

Standard reporting and analysis that most organizations employ rarely makes it into the marketing decision maker’s hands. This results in a large amount of rich, insightful data that goes unused – which is a tragedy due to the true value data storytelling.

DOMO Implementations

Business Intelligence in a box.
As a DOMO GTM Partner, we will do the heavy lifting on your behalf. MarTec360 will help uncover the opportunities to fit your needs while taking you from discovery to data-driven action.

KPI / Dashboard Development

As obvious as it sounds, many KPI dashboards limp along for years without updated metrics, updated goals and updated targets. At a minimum, business goals and targets change annually if not quarterly. Inherently, if your goals and targets change, your KPIs must change with them. To take it a step further, KPIs change and ultimately entire dashboards will need to change.