Andrew’s 20+ years of experience in the marketing technology arena allow him to demystify the convergence between marketing and technology to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients. He is able to assess both the marketing technology side of the business as well as operational processes to streamline functions and reduce costs, increasing the bottom line.

Andrew is a visionary who is able to provide dynamic marketing solutions. A calculated risk-taker with proven industry knowledge, he knows what steps will be the most effective solution. Embracing the core values of integrity, adaptability, and process oriented disciplines Andrew is able to help businesses by becoming a strategic business partner.


  • Bachelor of Science, Business/ e-Business, University of Phoenix
  • SearchMetrics, Green Belt Certified

Leadership, Membership & Honors

  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Mentor
  • Computer Mentors Group, Mentor

Andrew believes in giving back to his community and supports and volunteers with both the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program as well as Computer Mentors. His hope is to keep the marketing technology arena relevant to the next generation.

Areas of Expertise

Andrew has two decades of experience working in e-commerce solutions.


Footwear and Apparel 95%
Consumer Electronics 78%
Sporting Goods 85%
Home Goods 60%
Manufacturing 45%
Consumable Goods 51%