How Versatile is Your ERP System?

Technology is evolving and an effective ERP system evolves with the business’s changing needs, so what questions should you be asking when shopping ERPs? Cloud vs.On-site ERP is a good place for most companies to start. The difference between these two formats is clear. One provides a web-based operating platform while the other is installed directly on the business’s servers and managed by in-house IT staff.

There are a few things to consider for local ERPs. Cost is certainly one of them. An on-site ERP system comes with a significant upfront investment. There is also a cost for initiating a cloud ERP but there is typically less upfront cash involved. Enterprises opting to stay onsite also have to factor in the expense of the IT team necessary to support the new platform. With cloud systems, the support is generally part of the whole package.

Often companies look at an onsite ERP as a customizable package. While that is true, there are also limitations involved. The customizations and upgrades are limited based on your current software. Even if the ERP company releases new features, they may not be compatible with the overall system, so they remain unavailable.

Cloud ERPs are upgraded regularly as part of the SaaS agreement. They are also more customizable than you might think. Companies opting for a cloud-based product can work with the company to select features the fit into their operations and eliminate ones that are useless to them. The cloud software architecture is fully scalable, too. You use what you need at the time you need it.

When shopping an ERP, here are some questions you need to ask to ensure you make an appropriate selection such as:

  • How easily can you customize or extend the ERP software?
  • How well can your ERP integrate with your current business software?

This is where having a partner like MARTEC360 makes sense. We’ve spent decades immersed in the ERP universe and know what questions matter for your business.

How Can MARTEC360 Help with an ERP?

MARTEC360 is more than just a marketing partner. We provide a suite of marketing, technology and business strategies designed to drive the business’s bottom line and profitability. The 360 in our name tells clients that we offer services that go full circle (360 degrees) to meet their needs. With MARTEC360, you get:

  • Custom strategies
  • Tangible results

Our goal is to maximize your presence on search engine results pages. We do all that regardless of the ERP software you choose. MARTEC360 has worked with countless organizations helping move them to an ERP system and connect that ERP to their existing software, especially e-commerce systems. By partnering with the MT project management, companies utilize this expertise to ensure their implementation success.

When it comes to selecting an ERP platform, we can help you find the right ERP for your business module. Our technical strategy team can analyze your needs and offer practical suggestions, especially if upgrading from legacy software. For instances, if going from Everest, we find that Acumatica is a good choice. We’ve been working in the ERP space for decades and can help strategize your transition to an ERP based on your specific needs.

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